Episode 085 - Why your obsession with the outcome is holding you back

"The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing"

The goal is set.

You must lose X number of kilograms by a set date. 

It's all you can think about. Day in, day out. You've got weight to lose and it's all you focus on.

But time passes and...you're not there yet. The finish line is there waiting for you and it feels like you're not even moving!

Are you failing? Is it just that your new program "doesn't work for you"?

Or is it possible that your single-minded obsession with the outcome actually sabotaging your progress?

In this episode of the show we go in-depth on why the focus on the end result can completely ruin your long-term results and take what should be a satisfying, challenging and ultimately rewarding process and turn it into a grind filled with uncertainty, confusion, dissatisfaction and failure.

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