What do tennis and weight loss have in common?

Courtney Ley

I was watching a video the other day. This video was a compilation of some of the world’s most influential people and advice they give to people.

I’ve watched videos like this in the past and I find them really interesting – I found them mostly on YouTube.

One of the people giving advice on this video was Tony Robbins.

You have most likely heard of Tony Robbins. He is an author and public speaker.

The video showed Tony in an interview talking about how he made it, and what he would say to people also trying to make it.

The short snippet of this video showed him give some amazing advice. Now I should say I didn’t copy what he said word for word. But I do want to share it with you. I love this.! It just makes so much sense!

Push yourself.
I’m not going to become a better tennis player, by only playing against the worst player. Or even a player at the same level as me.
I may struggle by playing against a player better than me, but I will strive harder to get better.
I will improve so I can bet that better player.

The funny part is, since I watched that video and took special note of that Tony Robin’s speech…I’ve heard this tennis analogy another two times. Just in the last week.

I’d never heard it before and now in a week I’ve heard it three times!!!

That’s a bit weird!!

So, of course I had to share it with you all.

The meaning I take from this speech may be different from the meaning you get, but I thought I’d share what I got from it…

The meaning get is -  that you could go through the motions. You could try and achieve something good. You will feel great because you achieved something. BUT – if you stay at the same level all the time, you will never progress. You will only ever be just OK or just good enough!

On the other hand, if you play against the better player, in other words if you push yourself outside your comfort zone – you WILL get better. You WILL be better than just OK!

Yes, you will lose. The other player is better than you, so of course you will lose. But, by embracing that discomfort. By pushing through the pain, you will get better. It is inevitable. And by doing this it may not feel as good during the game – but afterwards…you will feel beyond amazing, because you will have achieved something you thought you couldn’t do!!!

Surrounding yourself with people who are better, more successful than you will make you better overall!

Whether in the gym or in business - I always surround myself with people who will make me push harder. 

We are competitive people. You don’t want to lose all the time. So, what do you do? You make sure that you get better – you push harder to reach a new level.

It’s never about being the best. It’s never about beating yourself up if people are better than you.

We can take this in to the gym and in weight loss. It’s not about lifting the most weight in the gym. It doesn’t matter if a person has lost more weight than you.

These are not things to feel down about or to beat yourself up about. These are things to fuel you. You want to be around people who are at another level. You want to strive to be there.

Yes, you will probably make mistakes along the way. But this is what makes us better.

We always want to turn away from anything which makes us feel uncomfortable and that is hard.

We definitely want to turn away from anything we think we are going to lose at.

But we need to turn that mindset from failure to learning. From pain to courage.

Make yourself better. Challenge yourself. Use that drive you have inside you! 


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