How to overcome your fear of food.

Courtney Ley

Do you worry about eating food?

I know that’s a weird question but it’s one I had to ask myself this week.

My answer was YES! I do worry about eating food.

Now, this is extra strange because I LOVE food. But it’s not really eating the food that I’m afraid of.

It’s the outcome of eating the food.


This is a problem I’ve had to realise I have, and now put strategies in place to deal with it. But it did get me thinking, I’m sure more people struggle with this issue.

It’s a problem that comes from me wanting to do my best. I don’t want to make a mistake – no one does. So, I over think it. I over think the simple task of choosing a meal and eating it.

My meal selection usually goes in the way of me finding a new recipe, I cook it, I love it, so the week after I will do the same…and the week after that etc.

I don’t have the same thing every meal…but I am a creature of habit so if I like something I will have it every week.

Of course, what happens is after a while – I get sick of that dish and want to make something new.

This is where I always get stuck.

I over think what I CAN have and what I CAN’T have.

I know this sounds crazy, because I know what foods are better for me than others. I know what kinds of food will help me achieve my goals. The knowledge is there.

So why don’t I use it?

Well, it’s simply overthinking!

I worry I’m going to make a mistake and once I start to worry about that, I lose all sense of the knowledge I have.

I can help other no worries at all. I can teach and advise – but when I comes to myself…I find it so hard.

This all came to a head last week when I was complaining to Matt about how I was sick of a dish I usually cook and was going to make something else.

A week later – I prepared the same thing.

This what a food prep day in our house looks like. 

But I continued to complain about how I was over it.

Matt asked me the simplest question EVER…and one I’m sure you’ve thought of by now.

He asked me – “Why don’t you just cook something else?”

Yep, simple I know – but my answer may surprise you…

I said – “Yeah, but I don’t know what to make!”

You don’t know what to make Courtney?

Even writing it I can’t believe that was my response. Of course, Matt just looked at me like I had two heads.

And to be honest, I don’t blame him, I would’ve done then same to him.

He clearly knew I had every idea of what I could make instead or where I could go and look to find ideas.

I was the problem not the ideas, not the food. Me!

I can look at a recipe and think of ways I can make it better. Make it to fit my tastes.

We all can. It’s not rocket science!

The problem was, I was getting so worried about making a mistake I did nothing.

And that is the BIG difference! It’s the doing nothing part.

Mistakes are a part of life. The lesson I had to reteach myself this week is that if you let fear of failure stand in your way – you will achieve nothing.

When I look at food I need to remind myself – it’s just food.

I need to remind myself constantly – this goes for you too – if I make a mistake its ok. The world will not end – I may even learn a thing or two.

The other thing I’ve learnt is that it’s very easy for these bad habits to creep in to your life. Make sure you are open to identifying them and working to correct them, as soon as you can.

Otherwise worry and fear will overtake and you will achieve noting but regret.



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