Workout of the Week - Lucky Dip

Courtney Ley

I get asked a lot for ideas of workouts which can be done at home, or while on holidays.

So, I want to start sharing some with you all. This week I thought I’d start with one of my favourites. This workout Matt and I use in our gym for our clients and we use ourselves.

Coming up with your own workouts I know can be hard. It’s even harder if you’re working out alone.  This workout is great if you have a workout buddy or if you’re alone.

I have recorded a video you’ll see below explaining how to set up and do this workout, but first a few quick instructions…

What you will need before starting?

  1. Paper and a pen
  2. A bucket (if you have one available – if not that’s fine)
  3. A dice (again only if you have one available)
  4. A watch or timer of some kind. I use my phone alarm.

That’s it!!!! I know crazy right!

Doesn’t sound like much but this is all you need to prepare for this workout session. Plus, the best part is – you only need to prepare for this workout once!

Once you have the workout prepared and ready to go – you can re-use it over and over again for future workouts.

Tips to start…

Start a timer – This workout will go for no longer then 30mins.

Use the first 5 mins of this workout to warm up. Don’t start at 100% - start at about 50% - 60% intensity and after the first 5 mins you can raise the intensity up higher and higher to 100%.


This is where the “Lucky Dip” part comes in.

Pick a piece of paper out of the bucket.

See what exercise it says.

Roll the dice to see how many time you need to do that exercise.

Do it as best and as fast as you can.

And repeat…

Take drinks breaks (and catch your breath) during the workout as you need them. Don’t break for too long, remember it’s supposed to feel like work. Remind yourself it’s only 30 minutes.

You can do this!!!!!


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