Episode 073 - How to conquer your cravings.

"Don't waste your energy on things you can't control"

We know how it feels. On Monday you started your new no-sugar lifestyle. That's it!!! No more sugar, which means no more chocolate, no more ice cream, no more sweet foods. No more anything that has sugar. There's chocolate in the staff-room fridge.

Except it's now Thursday. You're looking at the chopped celery and carrot you've got for lunch and all you can think about is chocolate. There's chocolate in the staff-room fridge.

It gets to 3pm and you're starting to slump...here comes the 3pm crash as per usual. There's chocolate in the staff-room fridge. But wait! You've got leftover carrot and celery sticks to eat so you're safe! 

Your energy is dropping, there's chocolate in the staff-room fridge, you're tired, there's chocolate in the staff-room fridge, you're stressed and you're hungry. There's also chocolate in the staff-room fridge.

You brought your carrot and celery sticks because you know it's healthy, there's chocolate in the staff-room fridge and you're on your no-sugar lifestyle and you've held out for nearly 4 days now.

There's chocolate in the staff-room fridge, and well it hasn't actually been nearly 4 days because you did binge-eat that bucket of ice cream Tuesday night after dinner. Come to think of it, dinner was the only meal you had that day and you know what else? There's chocolate in the staff-room fridge.

Hey, the chocolate in the staff-room fridge says "vegan friendly" on the front, so it must be healthy right? So you'll still be on track with your no-sugar lifestyle even though you just ate a family size block of chocolate that you've been craving all afternoon.

In this episode of the show we talk about, you guessed it...cravings.

How they've affected us personally, what triggers them and most importantly what you can do right away to curb your cravings and then conquer them once and for all!

welcome all feedback on what you'd like us to talk about, thoughts on how we can improve or even questions you'd like us to answer in an episode!

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