Episode 056 - Are you worth it?

"A bad attitude is like a flat tyre - you can't go anywhere until you change it"

It's a question we've asked our clients that has brought tears to their eyes.

It's something that held one of us back for years and years.

Are you worth it?

In this episode of the show we have an honest, personal discussion about self-worth and how a lack of self-worth truly holds so many of us back from achieving our weight loss goals.

With some people it stops them from even starting in the first place. There are others who try to buy themselves a sense of self-worth by paying for a Personal Trainer, or a nutrition program.

Join us as we unpack this topic from a personal perspective but also from the point of view as professionals who have worked with so many people over the years for whom this has proven to be a major obstacle.

We welcome all feedback on what you'd like us to talk about, thoughts on how we can improve or even questions you'd like us to answer in an episode!
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