Season 9 - Q&A

It's that time again, where we answer YOUR questions!

"Now that I know how bad artificial sweeteners are for me, do you have any tips on sweeteners? I’d love to just go back to using something natural like sugar in moderation, but I’m afraid that I’ve spoiled my taste buds by using the artificial stuff all this time!"

"Why is it harder to lose weight as you get older?"

"Some people people say the body can't be in a deficit and build muscle at the same time. I've also heard that working out while losing weight the main goal is to maintain your current muscle not build muscle. Would love some elaboration!"

"What vitamins/supplements should I be taking regularly?"

"What do you guys think about Ozempic for weight loss?"

"Is more reps and less weight or more weight and less reps better?"

"I'm a very picky eater... I don't like A LOT of foods... Especially vegetables... Is it ok for me to just eat the same healthy foods I do like, such as broccoli, asparagus, green beans etc... Or do I have to start eating foods that I hate too to reach my goals"

"How do you stay focused when life gets busy?" is where you can reach us and we'd love to hear from you!


1. The Weight Loss Podcast Academy – If you need personalised support from Matt and Courtney themselves, as well as accountability, structure and direction, then get all the details on our Transformation Academy Program here. This is our full 1-2 year coaching program. We accept clients via application only.

2. The Weight Loss Podcast Classroom – In this introductory 12-week education program, we will teach you how to achieve real results using the same science-based, research-proven body transformation system that has seen us change our lives, as well as the lives of countless others just like you.

3. The Weight Loss Podcast Facebook Group - Our private Facebook community, the ultimate support network! Join our group to be inspired, motivated and supported all the way...and hang out with us!

4. "Why overweight people fail at weight loss" - Our free webinar that covers the 3 key mistakes people make with their weight loss attempts...and how to avoid them

5. Free 6-Day Weight Loss Course – Our free video series designed to give you valuable tools to help overcome the common obstacles that we face during long-term weight loss attempts. Give us 10-15 minutes of your time each day and we'll give you loads of science-based information that will change the way you look at permanent, successful weight loss.

6. The Wall of Fame - Looking for some inspiration? Look no further than some of the people we've worked with!

7. How to overcome the mental hurdles that keep you from losing weight – Courtney's first Ebook, all about the mental and emotional issues we face along the way, and what you can do to overcome them.

8. 10 signs you're about to lose weight – Courtney's second Ebook. Ever get frustrated as it seems like you just aren't changing? In this book you will learn to recognise the signs that you ARE changing, even if you can't see them in the mirror.

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