The 10 signs you're about to lose weight

Its been a month and nothing has changed...

You’ve been getting a little edgy for the last week or so. Every day you look in the mirror and you can’t see a difference. You’re now weighing yourself 3 times each week and so far it’s give a little, take a little. One day you’re up a kilo, the next you’re down that same kilo.

This program you’ve started at the gym with your new PT? It obviously isn’t working. You know you’re doing it right – you’re training hard and your food intake has improved out of sight. You’re making better choices consistently.

“It isn’t working”, you tell yourself over and over again. The next few days you find yourself researching a new program, a new diet or a new trainer who you might approach...hoping they have the answers you're looking for.

Can you relate to this? Unfortunately, the weight loss industry does very little apart from ramming quick fixes and rapid weight-loss schemes down our throat and all it does is skew our expectations beyond what is realistic.

But don’t despair! If you change your outlook and focus more on what’s happening other than your desire to get in shape as fast as possible, you’ll start to pick up the signs...signs that you’re heading in the right direction.

Signs that you’re about to lose weight.

Having lived through the obsession with the scales and rapid weight-loss desires, we're here to tell you that there are messages your body sends you that say “Hey YOU! Keep doing what you’re doing and I’m going to reward you with what you really want”.

In this e-book we'll tell you from our experience personally and as Trainers and Coaches ourselves what really has to happen before your body sheds the flab. Here's what this step-by-step guide will teach you:

  • What exercise is best for weight loss
  • Why you can't always rely on a number
  • The truth about your habits
  • Why you shouldn't sleep on sleep
  • ...and more!
Best of all?

  • It's yours, for free
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