Season 10 - How to lose weight without counting calories

In this episode of the show, we deep dive into the transformative concept of Calorie Awareness.

Instead of stressing over numbers each day, this approach emphasises learning and understanding the energy and nutritional value in the foods we consume. By drawing comparisons between the caloric content of fast-food items and wholesome homemade meals, we shed light on making mindful, healthier choices without the need to crunch numbers on a daily basis.

Central to this strategy is the importance of nurturing good eating habits. Tracking and refining these habits provides a clearer path to sustainable weight loss. Moreover, being attuned to the quality of nutrients in our meals can be a game-changer, further reducing reliance on rigid calorie counting whilst also increasing your knowledge into the choices you make regularly.

To support you in learning this approach that has changed our lives as well as the lives of our clients, we highlight a free course available in The Weight Loss Podcast app. This fantastic free resource provides deeper insights into calorie awareness methodology, equipping you with the tools needed to implement this approach into your life and free yourself from the mental gymnastics of calorie counting.

To learn more about calorie awareness, CLICK HERE to sign up for our FREE weight loss course! is where you can reach us and we'd love to hear from you!


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Reach a point that causes you to really see yourself without the blinkers on, without a gross sense of entitlement, realising that you're not owed anything, that you have to fight harder than you think, that although you think you have tried you really haven't. THAT is when you're ready to change. I feel like that was my clarity. I didn't care what you would throw my way when I signed up because I knew MY way didn't work. Took me 8 years to realise that

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