How to set up an effective home gym

In this episode of the show, we explore the practical aspects of setting up an effective home gym.

While we appreciate the advantages that commercial gyms can provide, we also know that a home gym can be a fantastic solution under certain circumstances.

But what's actually involved in setting up an effective home gym?

Join us as we tell you what's in our own home gym and break down the essentials, as well as some optional ideas, to ensure if you're setting yourself up at home, you have a home gym that will keep you progressing for years to come without breaking the bank!

Below are links to the various essential equipment we speak about. These are all Australian suppliers and Australian prices, however you will at least be able to visually see what we're referring to and find local suppliers in your area.

Wall-mounted foldable rack

Standard half rack

Olympic Barbell

Hex/Trap Bar

Adjustable Bench

TRX Bands/Suspension Trainer

Olympic Dumbbells

Olympic Weight Plates

Fractional Weight Plates

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