Kaycee (in Progress)'s Story

I LOVE my after pic. The girl on the right and how far she has come but I am more in love with where she is headed.

“Before working with Andy, my situation had hit an all time low. I was on a blood pressure monitor for 2 weeks while on holidays, I was going to the Doctor every 2 weeks because my head and body felt there was something drastically wrong, I was concerned I was going to think myself terminally ill and anxiety was at a borderline dangerous level. I was hurting all over and any physical activity no matter how small was an effort, I was exhausted both physically and mentally, hoping one day I would wake up and the weight would just magically disappear.

I was a mother so consumed with guilt that it fuelled my anxiety, it left me with no energy to even sit on the floor with my 4 year old because I knew I struggled to get up, and no desire to be involved with the teenagers on weekends because by the time the working week was over I was exhausted.

My fear of failure is what had prevented me from starting in the past as I don't cope well with failure and I didn't want to let anyone down, especially myself, however Andy has shown me that you don't have to be perfect to get a result and I love that!

I have identified habits I didn't know I had, I am eating more than I ever have and loving the results. I can't believe how satisfied I am after a meal, and I love the free feeling of not counting calories but being aware. It's liberating to have learnt it's about consistency and not having a diet mentality!

I love the sustainability of the exercise program, instead of the many hours spent in the past slamming myself only to end up packing it all in and ending up worse than before.

I now feel that I am both mentally and physically stronger which means I have more to give back to my husband and children.

I am excited for where I am headed. I am not the disgusted woman in my before pic anymore because I have knowledge and knowledge is power. My health and energy levels have improved tenfold and I acknowledge now that the 'numbers on the scales, don't define you' which I didn't realise had often held me back in the past.

For the first time in a very long time... I love me!"

Transformation Time Frame – 12 Months 

Coach: Andrea Schilf

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