Eleanor (in progress)'s Story

I want to lose 2 dress sizes. I'm currently an 18 and would like to be a 14. I currently believe I could get to a 16 but I have heard you say be honest about what the dream is, so a 14 would be that! I am primarily motivated by how I look. I'm not superficial but it is a daily unhappiness. I hate choosing clothes from my full-to-bursting wardrobe. I hate that it makes me feel inadequate when I am otherwise not. I would like more energy and I know that will come from being fitter and carrying less weight around. I would like to be able to keep up with my husband and children. I am the only fat one in the family (on either side). I don't want to be a bad example for my daughter

Location - New Zealand

Transformation Time Frame - 9 months.

"I underestimated the psychological and emotional barriers that would be addressed during this programme.

I think I thought if I followed your instructions like a robot I'd get results but I didn't realise how much I'd have to unpack why I behave like I do.

It's been an interesting journey so far and I look for to seeing what the next layer of the onion reveals!"

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