Courtney Ley

Meet The Trainer

Courtney Ley
“Any woman can achieve her dream body if she truly wants it”

From unhappy size 18 to bikini

I've been fat for most of my life. Growing up I'd always been the "big girl" in my group and was treated that way.

Deep down inside I wanted to feel beautiful...attractive. I always dreamed of looking good in a bikini, but I thought it was never for me. I'd always be "the big girl".

Something changed, and I decided not to accept this and see just what I could do for myself if I put my mind to it...and really put in the effort. I'd been a member at a local gym for years walking on the treadmill a few times each week going nowhere. I was still really unhappy wasting my time and my money.

I've lost count of the amount of times I cried myself to sleep hating what I was.

I got the help I needed and wanted. It's been a frustrating, challenging, painful and tearful journey but it's been worth every second. I finally reached my goal of rocking a bikini and I'm really proud of myself. I sat around for years wishing it would happen but nothing did until I got off my butt and did something about it.

Now I want to help other girls out there who secretly would really love to wear a bikini and be proud of themselves. It's a life-changing experience to be able to say that you did what you always wanted to do, it's empowering and I love it.