Season 9 - Courtney's Biggest Challenges Pt3

In this episode of the show, we delve into the continued journey of Courtney's transformation, focusing on her ongoing challenges and how she overcomes them. Join us as we explore the final three significant areas: imposter syndrome, poor food variety, and anxiety.

Courtney opens up about her experience with imposter syndrome, a common struggle that many of us face along the way. She discusses the feelings of self-doubt and insecurity that often arise when pursuing personal goals. Learn about how Courtney confronted imposter syndrome head-on and developed effective strategies to overcome these limiting beliefs, enabling her to grow and thrive.

Another challenge Courtney addresses is the issue of poor food variety. She shares her own experiences with feeling stuck in a monotonous eating routine and the impact it had on her progress. She speaks about how she introduced a diverse range of healthy, delicious foods into her diet, creating excitement and satisfaction without compromising her goals.

Fianlly, anxiety is a prevalent concern that can stop a weight loss journey in its tracks, and Courtney candidly discusses her struggles with this issue. She provides valuable insights into managing anxiety and shares practical techniques that have helped her navigate the emotional challenges associated with weight loss.

As we like to do, we discuss the problems themselves and how they affected Courtney, and probably you too, but most importantly we offer practical advice and strategies to improve in these areas. is where you can reach us and we'd love to hear from you!


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Melissa (In Progress)'s Story

My current goals are to lose 2 clothing sizes so that I can fit back into my expensive dresses and feel confident about wearing a bikini. I want to be able to see myself in pictures with my family without cringing because of my back fat. I want a nice round butt and a flat stomach. I ride horses and I'm tired of being the fatty at the barn. Everyone else looks great and I look like shit. I feel really insecure about it, and being out of shape certainly affects my athletic performance. I'm super pissed that I've spent so much of my life upset about my body. It sucks the joy out of my life sometimes because I feel so self conscious. When I fail for the 500th time, I feel like absolute shit about myself. I hate feeling guilty because I'm not doing what I know I need to do. I know I can do better but I haven't been able to get there. I'm tired of feeling out of control and I'm ready to make a permanent change.

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