Season 9 - Courtney's Biggest Challenges Pt2

In this episode of the show, we continue to delve into Courtney's weight loss journey, focusing on her ongoing challenges and how she has navigated them. Join us as we explore three key areas: complacency, listening to noise, and comparing herself to others.

Courtney opens up about her struggle with complacency and the self-criticism that often accompanies it. She shares her experiences of reaching certain milestones and then falling into a sense of contentment, only to realise that she had more work to do. Discover how Courtney overcame complacency and developed strategies to stay motivated and focused on her long-term goals.

Another challenge Courtney addresses is the issue of listening to noise. She discusses how external influences, societal pressures, and conflicting information can cloud our judgement and derail our progress. Learn how she learned to filter out the noise, tune into her own intuition, and make choices that align with her personal goals and values.

Comparing oneself to others is a common challenge on the weight loss journey, and Courtney shares her own struggles in this area. She discusses the dangers of comparing progress, appearance, or success to others, and how it can lead to self-doubt and discouragement. Discover how Courtney shifted her perspective, embraced her unique journey, and focused on her own progress and growth.

In typical Weight Loss Podcast style, we discuss the problems themselves and how they affected Courtney, and probably you too, but most importantly we offer practical advice and strategies to improve in these areas. is where you can reach us and we'd love to hear from you!


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