Season 9 - Time Management Tips

In this episode of the show, we tackle the topic of time management and its crucial role in achieving weight loss goals. We address the common notion of not having enough time and debunk the myth that weight loss requires spending hours in the gym or endless hours in the kitchen.

We begin by acknowledging that we, too, have fallen into the trap of using the "I don't have time" line. However, the good news is that we all have the time necessary to prioritise our goals, even amidst our busy lives filled with work, family, and other commitments.

Drawing from our personal experiences, we discuss how we navigated busy periods in our lives, including the busiest time in both our lives - right now.

Key concepts covered in this episode include:

- Honest Assessment of non-negotiables: We emphasise the importance of identifying and defining your non-negotiables, just as we discussed in Season 4 of the podcast. Without clear non-negotiables, you become vulnerable to distractions, inconsistency, and shiny object syndrome.

- Decision-Making and Prioritisation: We delve into the concept of effective and honest decision-making, highlighting that every decision you make involves cutting off other avenues.

- Identifying and Minimising Time Wasters: We emphasise the need to recognise common time-wasting activities, such as excessive social media use and procrastination. By creating awareness, you can implement strategies to minimise or eliminate these distractions, like setting limits on screen time or using productivity apps.

- Creating a Schedule and Sticking to It: We suggest using a planner or digital calendar to map out daily and weekly schedules. By blocking dedicated time slots for exercise, meal prep, grocery shopping, and self-care activities, you can ensure you prioritise your most essential tasks.

- Importance of Planning and Meal Preparation: As the saying goes, "Plan and prepare or prepare to fail" when it comes to weight loss. Allocating specific time each week for meal planning and preparation, and utilising batch cooking or meal prepping techniques, can save time and support healthy eating throughout the week whilst minimising the number of food-related decisions you're making each day.

Whether you feel like you just can't make it work amidst a busy schedule or seeking effective time management strategies, this episode provides valuable insights and practical tips to help you prioritise and focus on the things that really matter to you. is where you can reach us and we'd love to hear from you!


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