Welcome to Season 7!

We're back!

We kick off Season 7 with a preview of what you can look forward to over the coming months.

Our episode list for this season is as follows...

- Why consistency matters
- Why you should stop being a dick to yourself
- The superpowers you need to succeed
- Acknowledging our small wins
- Understanding peaks and valleys
- 10 signs you have a short-term mindset
- The boring truth about successful training programs
- Weight Loss Q&A

We're excited and we hope you are!

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Madyson's Story

I want to be put my health and wellness first. I was in school for 8 years, where I neglected my health because I was so focused on my academics. I turned to food when I was stressed and like most college student would party. I have done the yo-yo diets for years, I’ve seen results, but that restriction does does not fit into my long term goal. I’m choosing to put health first and I want to think of this as a lifestyle not another diet. I also want to understand the “why” factor behind what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. I think that component has been missing from the diets I’ve tried in the past. By putting myself first, I want to learn to love myself inside and out. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my body. I’m tired of falling short when it comes to losing weight.

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