You're so vain! Why that's a good thing

Courtney Ley

Why are we so afraid to appear vain?

New flash for all you ladies – it’s human nature! It’s normal.

Vanity in my opinion gets a very bad wrap.

It’s like a forbidden subject no one wants to talk about.

Everyone is only too happy to discuss the best skin care on the market…or give the best make-up tips to achieve a flawless complexion.

Sam is making clear improvements because of her vanity - she's now putting herself first!

Hang on…aren't these sorts of things a form of vanity too?

I see this a lot with clients when they come in to meet with me, to set their goals. I always start by asking – “What do you want to achieve for yourself?”

I get a wide variety of answers.

Most common is the response, “I’m just looking to get fit and tone up a little”

My question? “Well, are you looking to get fit or change the way you look?”

Simple question but most people have to think about this.

I had to put myself first in order to stand a chance at this. Yes, I was selfish and I'm so glad!

“Is it more important to you to run for longer periods of time, or to fit in to the jeans you haven’t fit into for years?”

Light bulb moment – I can see it in their eyes. They have just realised they are 2 different things.

Why was it so hard to admit that?

Well for a lot of us, focusing on ourselves and the way we look is a vain thing…and, apparently, wrong.

Vanity is something we “understand” to be self-centered and rather taboo.

I don’t blame anyone for feeling this way. It’s what we have grown up with. It’s what we understand to be true.

Or is it?

The vast majority of women who put on unwanted weight have a habit of putting everyone and everything before themselves.

It's a double-edged sword - selfless and noble, but it often comes at a price.

I’m here to tell you ladies in order to reach your weight loss goals – you have to be a little selfish and vain.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Hannah, a young mother of 2 - an inspirational mum who prioritized herself with her kids
We all want to look our best. For ourselves and for our loved ones. We all want that feeling when you look in the mirror and your proud of the person looking back at you.

We all want those comments, like “Wow you look amazing in that dress!”

Remember when you’re setting your goals – it’s ok to focus on yourself.

Because at the end of the day, you are the one putting in the hard work. You are the one making it happen.

Believe me, if you set your goal for someone else or set it based on what you think you should do – it will not mean enough to you when it matters most.

When you need it to drag you out of bed before sunrise to get you to the gym.

When you’ve got a million things on and doing food prep is the last thing you want to do.

But, if the goal is about you and making you feel your best – when those bumps come up, it’s a hell of a lot easier to push through, take it from me :)

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