You DON'T have to be perfect

Courtney Ley

You DON’T have to be perfect to achieve your goals.

I’ve said this before, I know. But you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I have to repeat it.

I repeat it to myself. Yes, I still have to repeat it to myself.

I repeat it to my clients.

I repeat it to people I don’t know, but come to me for advice.

What I love more than anything, is seeing this put in to action and people achieving their goals.

This week Samantha – a client of Matt’s – sent him this photo.

Sam has don’t extremely well in her first 6 months. I can’t wait to see what she does in her next 6 months.

But Sam is NOT perfect!!

Sam has made mistakes, and I most likely continue to make mistakes.

She has been able to work around injuries to ensure she gets the most out of her workouts. This girl lifts some heavy weights, and works outs so hard.

Bad habits have been slowly worked on. They haven’t all been tackled at one time.

No – they have been separated and worked on one at a time. Slowly replacing them with good habits, ones which will help Sam achieve her goals.

It sounds boring I know, but at the end of the day it really is these small changes. Small slow progress that make the difference.

NOT perfection.

Sometimes we all need a reminder. This week use Sam as your reminder.

Never get overwhelmed – take it slow and change one thing at a time.

If you have injuries that’s ok – find a way to work with your body, not against it. You can still push yourself hard. You can still have beast workouts like Sam does.

You may not see any changes – don’t get discouraged. I know it’s easy to, but think about what you are doing. Think about the processes you are putting in place. Focus on them. Focus on replacing the bad habit, which are holding you back.

We all want to be perfect. But it’s time to start believing - we don’t have to be to achieve our dreams.

We just have to put in 100% of effort and be consistent.

Well done Sam!!! You have truly inspired me, and a big thank you for the timely reminder. J


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