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Courtney Ley

A burger and fries...AND I still lost 4 dress sizes!

"So, if we go to this restaurant…will you be able to eat anything?"

Over this past 3 years since changing my lifestyle, I’ve heard this more times than I can count…and it still makes me laugh!

Friends and family ask me to this day…and I give them the same answer. Yes of course I can!

They ask me this not out of spite or to be sarcastic. They ask me because they care and want me to be able to eat the way I usually do…but there is a misconception that just because you follow a healthy lifestyle it must mean you’re strict and on a diet!

The key thing I have to remind them of is…I eat normal food! Crazy I know :)

There is always something I can eat. Of course there are always better choices than others, and it’s our choice which we go for that day.

Just because I choose to live a consistently healthy and balanced lifestyle doesn’t mean I only eat spinach and chicken every day.

The big word here is consistent! 9 times out of 10 my choices are taking me forward, but if that 10th choice is a big slice of Mars Bar cake, is it really going to make me fat? Nope!

If you willingly deprive yourself of any food group…that is a diet! And we have all heard time and time again how diets are great – in the short term!

Being able to have long term success means being able to have a healthy relationship with food.

This is hard to develop! Especially if you have struggled with weight like I have all your life. It has taken me quite a while to feel confident with food.

But now when I go out I know I can have a piece of cake for dessert if I want it.

I can have some chips with my steak and salad if I want them.


Because I know that one meal that week is not going to hold me back. I know I consistently make choices that take me closer to me goals, so the odd dinner or lunch date will not send me backwards!

So next time someone asks you if you can eat where they want to go – don’t take offense! Just answer “Yes of course I can!”


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