Why your mindset alone isn't helping you lose weight

Courtney Ley

We've all done it – I know I have.

Lying in bed, or relaxing after a long week and we get these bursts of inspiration.

You know, those amazing thoughts on what we want or how we see ourselves at our best.

We play it out in our minds; what we want to achieve, when we want to get there by, why we need to do it.

…and here comes the BUT.

BUT then we get to the part where we actually need to do it.


Not quite as fun as dreaming it, is it?

I see this so often in my job and day-to-day interactions with people. But this problem stretches far past the area of weight loss.

We often have an ability to think about these changes we want to make; be it changes to our appearance, or maybe to the way we function, or even a sporting goal we want to achieve.

But when it comes to putting these positive thoughts in to action – we tend to give up before trying.

My husband said this to me recently and it sparked my interest. He said “Positive thoughts need to be followed by positive action”

And the more I thought about it the more it relates to so many things we do.

I've been hearing a lot lately, people saying, “If you want something and you have the right mindset it will just happen”

And “If you truly believe; it will all work out”

Great! Except they overlook the most important part.

The part where you have to actually do something about it.

You have to put in the hard work. Of course not everyone wants to talk about this part - it's nowhere near as interesting or enticing.

But the truth is if we want to make things happen. If we want to achieve the body we dream of, or if we want to make positive change to our lives - we need to put these thoughts in to action.

Because without action they will stay a dream.

What action have you taken today to make your dreams come true?


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