Why PT's are a waste of money

Courtney Ley

Not many PTs will write about this sort of thing but I have to get this off my chest. Hell, chances are this will be quite unpopular but I’ll live with it! I’ll take real and authentic for better and for worse over some bullshit sugary “Everything is right with the universe” facade.

What we do each day can be the most satisfying, rewarding and gratifying “jobs” in the world.

Each day we get up and we think about how many lives we might be able to change that day.

When a woman tells you she’s fitting into jeans she hasn’t worn in 10 years, or now has the confidence to go sleeveless on a night out with her friends…it’s absolutely priceless.

But there’s the other side to that coin.

The part where you meet someone, listen to them talk about their dreams of change; changing what they see in the mirror, changing their negative relationship with food, changing their life.

They start with a bang as so many people do. They’re up and about for a new program and a new version of themselves. They’re ready and their time has come.

After a while the gloss wears off. Yes, there’s work involved in changing your body and your health. A lot of work.

It’s hard. I can tell you from my own personal experience that there’s nothing harder than changing yourself. Certainly there is also nothing more rewarding but sadly 99% of people don’t get to experience that.

Soon enough things start to “get in the way”

“I’m sick”

“My car doesn’t work”

“I’m busy at work”

“I’m busy at home”

And the focus starts to change, away from their own personal happiness and back to putting themselves last again.

Scheduled workouts get missed.

“It’s ok I’ll go back next week”

and next week eventually becomes another unfulfilled New Year’s Resolution.

Shopping and meal preparation is put on the back burner.

“It’s ok, it’s just the Maccas drive-thru once, it won’t hurt”, until it becomes that daily habit again that you were trying so hard to kick.

And eventually it’s back to square one and the process begins yet again.

The shittest, most depressing thing about doing what I do for a living is seeing people quit on themselves.

Which is why paying a PT is so often a waste of money.

Just like last year’s gym membership, just like the previous 5 diet/meal plans you paid for.


A PT, any coach in general, is only as good as you are.

If you aren’t truly ready, we’re just as much a black hole for your money as everything else has been.

I get so many messages from women talking about how I’m an inspiration, or they wish they had my motivation and drive.

The truth of the matter? I’m no more special than anyone else, hell, I’ve spent most of my adult life as that person who quits only to start over again time after time.

The biggest thing that’s got me to this point?

I stopped quitting.

That’s it!

No magical diet, no miracle exercise routine, no amazing PT who transformed my mindset for me.

I just stopped quitting on myself.

To every woman out there who is stick of starting over again so much...stop giving up.

Accept the fact that there is NO PERFECT TIME to change.

There’s NO SUCH THING as a smooth ride.

There WILL BE obstacles that you won’t see coming.

You WILL have days where you doubt yourself.

You WILL have days where you swear you’re getting fat.

This WILL take longer than you’d like it to.

And that’s all fine, normal and ok!

Stick with it, stay true to yourself and value yourself - don’t quit and watch what happens :)

Until next time :)


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