Why I hate social media and weight loss!

Courtney Ley

Do you use Instagram or Facebook?

Well if you’re anything like me you look at one or both of these every day.

As part of my business I use social media, therefore I am on it a lot. I also have a look through my news feeds, just see what’s what. It’s a bad habit I know. Apart from the usual stalking of friends and family (don’t pretend you don’t do it), I look to see what is trending at the moment – especially on Instagram.

I see a lot and I mean a lot of fantastic transformations. From all over the world. Social media is now flooded with the new ‘it’ weight loss products/programs. These products/programs always have a perfect picture of a girl, who has lost a tone of weight to go along with the post. We all look at it (yes including me) and think wow, why can’t I lose weight that fast?

Now I’m not here to debate the pros or the cons of these products/programs.

I do however want to touch on how ‘noisy’ social media has become and how much it can affect us mentally.

Seeing others have amazing results online can be great motivation. However, it does also come with the curse of comparing ourselves to others, questioning our own journey and feeling like it will never happen for us.

Have you ever felt like this, after seeing ‘quick fixes’ on social media?

The vicious cycle we travel on means that when we feel these emotions, we will usually eat. Emotional eating is one of the biggest problems my clients tell me they have.

Therefore, anything that is going to bring up feelings of regret, inadequacy, comparison etc. is the last thing we need, as we try to plough through the bullshit and come out the other side. If not emotional eating it will often derail someone’s entire journey. Waving the white flag, as it gets all too hard and confusing.

So what is the answer?

To delete Facebook and Instagram?

No – that’s a little extreme, and it doesn’t teach us anything.

I’m a firm believer in learning to deal with everyday challenges, not deleting them. These issues will always be around, so having the confidence to just brush it off – well I can’t tell you how important to success that is.

So what’s the answer?

My favourite word – Perspective!

I know as well as anyone what’s it’s like.

You’re working your butt off. In the gym and in the kitchen. You’re cooking more. You’re eating heaps of delicious food. You’ve made gym a priority and nothing will keep you from your session.

There will be people in your life questioning what you’re doing. You feel like your defending yourself in a way constantly. Then you see these girls on social media. The ‘quick fix’, and you start to question yourself.

Am I really doing this the hard way?

Should I have lost more weight by know?

Maybe there’s something wrong with me!

Maybe I could just do that for a short time, lose some weight and get a head start!

Sound familiar?

Well you’re not alone!

I have thought these in the past. I know some of my clients have thought these.

Perspective in these times is needed. Remember why you’re going through this in the first place.

What is your goal?

I can guarantee your goal, whatever it is, will have on the end…and keep it off!

We all want long term sustainable change.

Not a program with a time limit – ’30 days to a bikini’.

Not a product which supplements for real food – ‘drink this and only this all day’.

Common sense tells all of you that these are not going to fulfill your goal of…and keep it off!

These are not sustainable.

Not to mention the timelines used in before sand after pictures are highly questionable. But that is a whole other conversation :)

There is a saying I love and stick too – Block out the noise!

There will always be another product or program promising quicker results.

Block out the noise and follow your journey. Respect your body enough to allow it time to change. Don’t fear time – learn to embrace it.

Hope this helps!

Court :)

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