What would you do if you forgot your food?

Courtney Ley

I just love my clients.

They give me motivation, inspiration, and encouragement (whether they know it or not – it’s true).

During a conversation with a client and friend a couple of days ago, she asked a question. This question she described as a “stupid question” before a brief pause, then she asked her question.

Now to start with, this is not the first time I’ve been given this warning.

“Oh, I have a question, but you’ll find it stupid”


“You’ll probably think this is a stupid question but…”

My response to this is always the same.

There is NO such thing as a stupid question. Never be embarrassed to ask. If you don’t ask you will never know.

Now, back to the question.

This lovely lady asked me – “if you found yourself out and you had no good food with you, what would you eat?”

Well I thought that was a great question. So much so, I’m going to share what my answer was with you all.

I think it’s easy to get caught up in the details. It’s easy to get fixated on what is good and what is bad – especially when you are staring out.

My answer was –

It depends on the situation. This could happen to anyone.  

Shit happens and one day I might find myself out with no food. My day could have totally been turned upside down, or I simply forgot, or I may find that I didn’t plan my time properly.

It can happen to the best of us. So, what would I do?

Well I explained, if I had the time up my sleeve to look for a salad bar, or the like where I could get a take away healthy salad. Maybe a sumo salad or if there was a shopping centre around, there would usually be somewhere to get a salad in the food court.

However, if this was not possible, then I would make the best choice possible at that time. That may mean that I have a sandwich or a wrap, instead of the fried food on offer.

Sometimes as a say – shit happens.

There is no benefit to skipping the meal altogether, because there was no good choice on offer. This is not going to be helpful at all, especially since we are trying to keep our metabolism going.

Skipping the meal would be just as bad as having the deep-fried food, in terms of helping yourself achieve your goals.

It’s always better to make the best choice you can, and then move on. Don’t dwell on the mistake. Take it for what it was, a mistake and learn from it.

Remember – you didn’t put all the weight on from one meal…so you will not stop your good progress from one meal. 


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