The art of balancing success and Christmas

Courtney Ley

 We all want to reach our goals.

We all have different goals, which means we all have slightly different paths to follow to get there.

However there is one factor which is essential for everyone!

The art of balancing success.

What the heck does this mean?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

We are all aware by now that physical transformation is not a short process. It takes time, commitment and dedication.

What most of us don’t recognise is that once we reach our goals, that is not the end!

I will use myself as an example - 4 years ago, if you had asked the overweight, low in confidence me, if I would get to the point I was so comfortable in a bikini, I would let myself be photographed – I of course would think you were dreaming.

Well I did get photographed in a bikini and I felt amazing.

But now – I want more!

I want to keep lowering my body fat and get in even better shape.

This is the art of balancing success.

We want to continue our momentum we worked so hard to build up…not flat line it.

Complacency is a killer of momentum.

It is very easy coming to the end of the year to start thinking - “well it’s over now” or “Wow I worked hard, now I can take some time off”

NO and NO!!

Yes, you worked hard. But no, it’s not over and it’s not the time to be taking the foot of the peddle.

You may have hit your end goal. You may have hit your progress goal.

Whichever one it is, this is now the time to be planning for your next step.

Yes – there should always be time for appreciating what you have achieved. Celebrating that and yes, its ok to brag :)

This bragging/celebrating is an important step as without it, we run the risk putting too much pressure on ourselves; leading to failure.

I know what you’re thinking…So what am I to do then! Right?

It’s all in the art of having a healthy balance.

Don’t get sucked in to the thought that, now it’s Christmas time we can have a break. Just like we shouldn’t get sucked in to the notion, that we can’t indulge a little over the holidays.

Starting working on the mindset that – Yes you have had a great year. You have achieved so much. You will brag about it, and celebrate all your hard work (as you should).

But – You are also planning for your next goal. Planning for next year. You still preparing your food and keeping up your exercise.

This is what will keep you on track over this Christmas period. This is what will ensure you come out of it, ready and pumped to achieve your new goals.

Not devastated, because your started slipping backwards and didn’t know how to stop. 


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