The 5 worst excuses you can make when trying to lose weight

Courtney Ley

You’re really excited.

You’ve just signed up at your local gym. Hell, you’ve even employed the services of a PT and without question, now is your time to shine

This is your year!

You’re motivated, hungry and ready to go.

A few weeks roll by and you’ve had a bad day at work, so you just don’t feel like going to the gym today….you’ll go next time.

Next time rolls around but it’s raining….nah it’s too wet to go, I’ll go next time.

All of a sudden a week has gone by and you’ve missed all your planned training sessions. That’s ok, you’ll just start again soon….right?

Wrong! You’ve just allowed yourself to quit on your goals.

Maybe the next time you do go back as part of yet another soon-to-be-forgotten New Year’s Resolution, you train like a complete snowflake in the gym and don’t push yourself outside your comfort zone.

You say you want to transform your body. You say it’s really important to you. But when it’s time to get to work, are you guilty of letting any of these excuses hold you back?

1. I’ve had a bad day at work…so I’ll stay home

We all have bad days at work. Some days work can drain the energy out of us, and the motivation to then go to the gym disappears.

These are the points we need to remember WHY we are going. What is your number one goal?

If this goal means enough to you, you will find the motivation to go – if not you’re wasting your time and money!

2. It’s raining and cold so I’ll stay in bed this morning.

Unless you’re out in the middle of the desert…it’s gonna rain; in all seasons.

So unless you plan on not going to the gym year round…”it’s raining” is never an excuse. Get out of bed, put on your damn jacket and go to the gym.

You’ll warm up in no time at all – and if you’re still cold…you’re not working hard enough!

3. It’s too hot to workout

Now we’re at the other end. YES it’s hard to work out when it’s hot. YES it’s uncomfortable.

But you‘re not the only one who’s HOT! Remember why you’re doing this in the first place…didn’t you say you wanted to rock the bikini??

You’re not there for hours and hours…its 30-60mins max. Put in the effort and then you can go home knowing it’s done, you survived and you’re one step closer to your goals.

There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

4. People will laugh at me when I exercise because I’m so out of shape

Everyone has had a ‘first session’ in the gym. No one looks good working out, and again if you do- maybe you’re not working hard enough!

Everyone’s in the gym for the same reason…there is something about their body they are not happy with. So sorry to say – but no one cares what you look like!!!

5. I don’t have time for the gym

Obstacles in life come up all the time. Family, work, personal stresses just to name a few. If you wait until you think you’ll have no distractions, you’ll never go!

So what do you do?

Make the time!! As little as 30 minutes a few of times a week is not much to ask for, is it? Come on ladies…we spend longer doing our hair!

We always make time for the things most important to us.

BONUS! 6. I’ve been going to the gym for weeks and it’s not working…I look the same

You know I’m sure it didn’t take a couple of weeks for you to put on the weight you’re trying to lose.

So surely it makes sense that it will take more than a couple of weeks to lose the weight.

Set yourself realistic time frames to work with for your goals. Unrealistic time frames will only make the progress slower!

Years of under/over exercising, fad diets, calorie counting, food restrictions, juice/soup/detox/cleanse programs come with a price.

The price? This is going to take longer than you realise, and longer than you’d really like.

How many of these excuses have you used? Do you still use them?

I started finding my results when I stopped finding my excuses…and I’ve used most of these at one point in my life.

As I learned to overcome them, I found myself making more progress both mentally and physically!

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