Member of The Month Spotlight! Meet Jennifer

Courtney Ley

Congratulations Jennifer on being selected as our latest Member of The Month!

Where were you born where did you grow up?

I was born at Knox Private hospital in Wantirna, Melbourne and grew up nearby in Ferntree gully.

What made you get into fitness?

I wanted to lose weight and get fit and healthy again!

We surprised Jen with flowers after a training session!
What was your “snap point” – the point where you said, enough!! What made you sign up with your Trainers?

Well, I wasn’t happy with my body and the way I felt. My clothes started getting tighter and tighter so I decided to make a change.

What where the challenges you've had to overcome on your journey?

The biggest challenge has been slowly changing the food that I eat.

Also being tired after work, and pushing myself to get to my training sessions and then being able to push myself through them even though I’m sore from the last one!

How have your Trainers helped you?

Pushing me when I just feel like giving up and constantly motivating me!

What are the aspects you enjoy/ like about Total Transformations?

I love that I can go and do the work outs and not feel like people are staring and judging me. Everyone is always helping and encouraging people and the chilled environment.

Jennifer has become a fantastic part of our group fitness community!

What are your favourite workouts?

Wouldn’t say I have a favourite because I they are all hurt haha but the ones that hurt the most are Lucky Dip and Metafit!

What are your top tips for a someone just starting their journey?

1. Don't give up just because it hurts
2. Even after having a bad day/week put it in the past and move on to reach your goal
3. Set goals that are achievable

She's just recently started her first FIRE program! Watch for her body shape to change...

Thanks so much Jen! Keep up the great work, Matt and I are really proud of you.


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