I will not be looked down at

Courtney Ley

Oh assumption, it’s so easy to make them…isn’t it.

We all do it. I’m not going to write this like I’m a saint and have never, or do never assume.

I catch myself doing it a lot.

But I feel something a little different, with this issue.

I feel not only do people assume, but they also look down at me.

Which for me is the most annoying and frustrating thing. Assuming is one thing but looking down on someone – well that really pisses me off.

I should explain.

It’s the fitness industry I work in. Not just one person…the fitness industry as large.

You see I don’t really identify myself as a ‘personal trainer’. I call myself one, because it’s easier. It’s a job definition people understand, so I don’t have to explain myself every time someone asks me what I do.

I see myself as much more. I help change people lives.

Now, that may sound dramatic, but it’s the truth. That’s what I do. When people come to me (and Matt), they’re at their end. They’re out of ideas, having tried everything. They’re ready to give up completely.

Then through some extremely hard work, time and determination, these people change their lives by achieving their goals.

Now these are not the people looking down on me. I love my clients.

It’s the people in the industry I work in.

I’m not and have never claimed to be the leanest women in the world. I have never tried to be. But that seems to be the problem.

You see, apparently to be in the fitness industry being a size 10 is not good enough. Having tummy rolls still, even though they are a lot smaller then they use to be, is not good enough.

Now I know this is not just a fitness industry issue. This is social issue, happening in many different industries.

Apparently reaching a big goal in your life and going from a size 18 to a size 10, is still not enough.

You must do more.

You must be more.

And the question I ask is…for who?

My goals are my goals!!

If I don’t desire to be the leanest looking woman in the world, then guess what – I’m not going to be that person. Not for you and not for anyone else!

Me being a size 10 and having tummy rolls, does not mean that I’m less of a trainer.

I exercise every day. I watch what I eat and my body is continuing to change – and I love that. I love that I continue to push my body. That it continues to change shape and improve.

But because my size 10 doesn’t match what people’s idea of a size 10 ‘should’ look like, my look is not good enough. Not good enough to be a personal trainer.


I will never look like the fitness models on the magazine covers.

And yet, I’m still a fantastic trainer.

I've watched a lot of tennis over the years.

In particular I've watched Serena Williams. She is strong, powerful, beautiful, successful, the list goes on and on. She is a champion.

She also doesn’t look like all the other female tennis players – and no I’m not talking about her outfits. J

She is not the same size as the other ladies. She has curves.

Does this make her less of a tennis player?

Does this make her less capable to do her job?

No!! She is a champion.

Then I started to think – would people think of her differently if she looked the same, but hadn’t won over 70 titles?

Would you think of her differently?

Would you question her ability to do her job?

I doubt you would. I think you would watch her play and think, she is an amazing player.

People in the fitness industry need to remember this.

I’m not one to be looked down to.

And you too should never accept anyone looking down at you. Never accept anyone making you feel, like your goals are not enough. That you are not enough.

So, take note fitness industry – I will not bow to you. I will not be pressured to live your goals or ideas on image.

I will live me!!


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