How to set the right goals for YOU

Courtney Ley

"How do you set your goals?"

I get asked this question a lot. It is usually followed by ‘that is a stupid question isn’t it?’. Actually no, it’s not a stupid question.

I say it often, and you all have probably seen me write about it several times by now. I believe setting a goal is the most important thing to do when starting any sort of transformation.

If you don’t have the goal set, as soon as you hit that first bump in the road – what happens? You have nothing to help you push through.

Your mind starts to ask why its pushing through all this pain? Why it’s getting up before sunrise, when you’re tried and could be sleeping? Why make sacrifices?

Goals are like your safety net. If you set them right in the first place, they will stop you from falling off the cliff. They will remind you why you’re doing it in your moment of weakness.

So, how do you set them?

First thing is – thing about why you’ve decided on now to start this transformation. Why now? What has happened to trigger this?
There is always something. You didn’t just wake up and decided to change everything. Some triggered in your mind.
For me it was wanting to love the girl staring back at me in the mirror. I wanted to find a man to love me, and knew I would need to love me before any man would.

After you have worked out your trigger for getting here, you’re already half way there.

Now think about what you would love to do, once you reverse the reason you started – use your trigger point to think about what the opposite feeling would be.
For me it was once I love the girl looking back at me in the mirror, I would love to wear something I’ve never worn before. I would love to have people look at me and thing wow!!

Now remember ladies – there is absolutely nothing wrong with you wanting to look amazing. There is nothing wrong with you wanting other people in your life to look at you and thing you look amazing.

Now the all-important step – You have now recognised what has triggered this change in you You know what you want to feel as a result of making this change.

The final step is to think of what scares you the most!

What does that mean?

Well, for me one of the feelings I wanted, was to be able to wear something I’ve never worn before and feel amazing and confident.
So I set my goal to wear and bikini and do a photoshoot in it. I also decided to share those photos publicly on my Facebook. I let everyone know what I was doing and when I was doing it.

Talk about scary!!!!

I was terrified of doing this. It took me a lot day to work up the courage to press ‘publish’ on the page I set up to document it all.

But I did it!

I stuck to my goal because it was scary – Yes

But also because I took the time to sit down and work out a goal that meant so much to me, in my mind I had no other option that to do it!

So this is your challenge –

Sit down and go through these steps.

See what goal you come out with for yourself!

It doesn’t have to be the same as mine. I’ve done this will a lot of clients and they have come out with great goals for them like fitting in to a pair of jeans they have hidden away in the back of their wardrobe. Or wanting to wear bright coloured clothing without feeling insecure.

Whatever your goal ends up being – it really doesn’t matter. It’d personal to you!

All that matters is that is means more to you than anything!

Until next time :)


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