How to lose weight when you're busy and don't have the time

Courtney Ley

Where did the week go?

Its Monday again…what happened to the other 6 days?

How often does this go through your head?

For me…a lot! Especially lately. The weeks just seem to fly by, before my eyes and I can’t seem to keep track of the days.

Running my own business means I don’t stop working when I leave the gym. However, that is often the same for many people working these days. Whether you own your own business or not. In this day and age, working 9 to 5 seems a distant memory.

Then we add in workouts, food prep etc. No wonder we lose track of our days.

Time management is a big problem for a lot of my clients. It is also one of my biggest problems.

Poor time management can lead to missed workouts and poor food choices. Especially when emotional eating is for many their number one worse habit to break.

If you don’t prepare your food for the week efficiently, chances are high you will make a poor choice. Then chances are very high you will not stop at that one poor choice. You will continue for the day and possibly for the rest of the week.

Add this to missed workouts and this can set you back, not only physically but the mental pain is the big one here. Mentally this can be so damaging to your progress.

And where did it all start?

Time management!

It has taken me a very long time to get my own time management down pat. And even now my husband has to pull me up occasionally, to let me know I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

So how do you conquer this?

Well the answer is not always convenient!

You must put yourself first!

Start with a plan.

Despite what some will tell you it doesn’t matter if you can’t prepare all your meal for the week in one go. 

I couldn’t when I first started – come to think of it, I only started doing this only about 6 months ago. I use to do 2 food preps per week.

It’s a personal thing. Find what is suitable for you and what is sustainable.

And once you have a process which works for you – stick to it!!

No matter what…you must follow through with your plan week in week out.

Now, I know it’s not fun. I hate cooking. 99% of my vegetables I eat raw (just because I prefer the taste), so I have to chop and wash all my veggies every week. Boring and annoying! But if I didn’t do it, what would happen?

I would eat anything I could see. You see I’m really still a fat girl who over eats. So if my veggies aren’t ready for me to just grab I will eat anything.

That one day of pain, mean the rest of my week is easy and convenient. I can just grab a container out of my fridge in a hurry and know my day is set. I will stay on track!

Of course in any lifestyle there always should be room for mistakes. However, without preparation you increase the chances that you will make more than a couple.

Shopping and cooking every day is not only annoying it’s a waste of your precious time – and we all know that time is like gold these days.

So this week, sit down and work out how much time you waste on going to the supermarket, worrying what you’re going to have for dinner and cooking.

Think about how you could condense that in to once or twice a week. How can you ensure you will never be without good food in your fridge?

It won’t be hard to see how much time and pain this will save you each week!

Time which can be focused on you & your family, doing things that make you happy :)

Until next time :)


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