How to lose weight by making mistakes

Courtney Ley

You know what it’s like.

Whatever we’re doing, we want to be good at it.

Preferably straight away!

A new goal? I want to achieve it yesterday!

Hey, it’s human nature. It’s normal.

But is it helpful?

Kirsten would be the first to admit she's made many mistakes...never held her back though!

It’s easy to think like this; it’s easy to convince yourself that you need to be perfect from the beginning. To believe that you’ve failed if you make a mistake.

Except nothing could be further from the truth.

Weight loss? It comes via change, usually a lot of it.

Changing habits?

Changing your day to day routine?

Changing your attitude?

Same deal. Change is needed.

The list could go on and on…

But are we being fair on ourselves expecting perfection, expecting no mistakes right from the start of any journey?

Nope, not even.

In fact, by putting this pressure on yourself you are setting yourself up for failure before you’ve even started.

The pressure builds up and it all get too hard. I’ve seen so many people go through this, and give up as a result.


They didn’t take it one step at a time.

Margo had made every mistake you can make on the way to the best shape of her life!

They pressured themselves to be perfect. They weren’t prepared mentally to make mistakes…which we all do.

The secret to dealing with this?

Well like most things it all comes down to you!

Expecting perfection is an all-or-nothing mentality. All-or-nothing always ends with nothing, because all is unsustainable.

You can look at this as a challenge. An opportunity to learn and develop a new way of life – one step at a time.

If you make a mistake – that’s fine! Actually I’d be worried I you didn’t ;)

If you take extra time to create those new habits that will help you – good! You’re taking positive steps forward.

Look at the positives in what you’re doing. Make mistakes and learn from them. Take the pressure off!

If you take the word ‘perfect’ out of your thinking, if you embrace the fact that it WON’T BE a smooth ride and you WILL make mistakes…you’ll have set yourself on a path to not only reaching your goals, but keeping them :)


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