How to know you're on track even if your jeans don't fit

Courtney Ley

Do you use your favourite pair of jeans as your weight benchmark?

Be honest!

You put these jeans on very week, sometimes every day regardless if you’re actually going to wear them out or not.

You do this to make sure you haven’t gained any weight within the last week or 24 hours. Better yet you need to check if you’ve lost weight as well.

Does this sound familiar?

Jeans are used more than any other clothing item, why? Because they do not expand with us like leggings or other clothing made of stretch fabric.

We don’t like to use the scales to weigh ourselves so this is the next best thing, right?

Well in some cases yes; however don’t be fooled by the ever changing human body ladies! Perspective is needed here. It needs to be at the forefront of your mind during your entire weight loss journey.

My purple capri jeans were my benchmark.

They were not my ‘everyday’ jeans, which meant I really only put them on occasionally or to check my ‘size’. I wore these jeans in September last year for a dress up party – the fit as usual, and I was happy.


Fast forward to this week…

I go the put on my ‘benchmark jeans’, for no other reason than to check my ‘size’, I was curious of course.

To my surprise they were too small – and I’m talking about not even close to doing up.

How does this happen?

Since last year I’ve had my photoshoot and I’m in better shape now, than ever. This is where perspective kicks in! I have not gained weight – however my body shape has changed.

If you are working out and lifting heavy weights this is what is going to happen – no ifs or buts about it - it’s only a question of when.

Lifting heavy weights means you will lose fat, however your body will also change shape. For me it has been my butt. It has gradually increased in size and shape – and I’m definitely NOT complaining about that :)

For many of you trying on your benchmark jeans (or piece of clothing – whatever you use) and them not fitting would be devastating.

Caution ladies - never fall in to the trap of panic! Panic will make the situation worse in your mind. If your nutrition and exercise have been off, you will know it’s that.

Alternatively if you have been on point, think about your body shape. It is very possible you are still the same size or smaller, but your body shape has improved. And that is nothing to panic about :)

I'd love to know - what piece of clothing do you, or have you used as a measuring tool?

Speak soon


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