How to have a child and get into the best shape of your life

Courtney Ley

“I felt like I needed to go to the gym every day to see results.

I had a bad relationship with food, I felt like I needed to eat less or I would put on the kilos”

Sound familiar?

If you’re reading this blog, I bet it’s very familiar. It is to me and many of the women I work with!

Leearna came to us not long after having her first child, Charlee.

Her goal was simple – to get her pre-baby body back!

Little did she know that as she started her transformation with us, she was now on her way to getting into better shape than ever before!

“I’ve lost weight in the past by eating less”, Leearna said, “But I’d get comments about how skinny or sick I looked”

She continued “Now I’m getting comments about looking better than before having bubs, and looking healthy!”

It’s a well-spread myth that to lose weight you have to exercise more and eat less. As Leearna has found out, it’s a myth that is easily busted as she saw and felt herself change with LESS exercise and MORE food.

"I love that it only takes 30-60 minutes of intense work now instead of busting my butt for 90-120+ minutes or more!”

With her baby Charlee on the scene, Leearna admits that time is now the most valuable commodity there is, “Life has changed for me now. My time is precious now that I have to split it between bubs, hubby (Mark) and myself”

And how did she train herself mentally and physically to cope with gradually INCREASING her food intake?

The prepping for the week ahead started off being painful, but now strangely I have a new love for meat and veg and hang for it for lunch, and get excited to see my freezer full of meals ready for the next week”

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing! She added “I am still working on the fact that I can have a couple of treat meals a week and not feeling guilty about it. Have learnt to tell myself that I won't get fat from one bad meal the same way one good meal won’t make me healthy and strong!”

Many of us have gone through the quick-fix cycle – heavily reduced eating for a few weeks, maybe even some meal replacement shakes or detox drinks.

It’s a hard thing to push entirely out of our head, as Leearna admitted “Sometimes I still think I want that quick fix, but I’ve slowly been training my brain to believe and understand that it’s a steady process, that I’m doing this in a healthy way and giving my body what it needs…not depriving it”

She continued “I also love that my whole family eats what I’m eating!”

She doesn’t exercise as much as she used to, around 4 intense training sessions per week, but when she does she gives it her very best every time…and that best continues to get better!

Are you a mum looking to get your pre-baby body back? Don't hesitate to reach out! :) 

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