How to be in the best shape of your life in your 40s

Courtney Ley

"I've just turned 47 and am in the best shape of my life!"

These aren't words you get to hear very often, so when you do hear it you tend to sit up and take notice.

I've written about Rob Kuypers before, he's a member at my gym who is undergoing a transformation with his wife Margo.

Rob joined Total Transformations very late in 2015 wanting to turn things around - he felt out of shape, lacking in energy and just generally unhappy with himself.

He's both a dad and a successful yet busy business owner, but neither of those were excuses. More to the point, they're his reasons.

Why can't he head towards 50 in great shape? Why can't he look after his own health and body the way he looks after his business?

A real secret to an amazing transformation isn't that it happens by accident - they're planned.

The first thing that we put in place has been Rob's training routine - we always start with FIRE (focused, intense resistance exercise) as it's the training catalyst for rapid and dramatic improvements in body shape and composition - more muscle and less fat.

Rob has no ACL in his left knee, and a dodgy ankle to boot so all this meant was a very measured approach at the start; we prescribed the exercises and assessed his ability to perform them pain free. Success!

We then added his ICE (intense cardio exercise) routine as the accessory to his FIRE program - much like with his FIRE training, Rob's ICE ability was gauged by the level of pain in his knee and ankle...or lack thereof. Success!

Finally we set him up for his complimentary movements, his less intense activities. Going for the occasional walk, or bike rides with his wife.

Sounds like a lot, doesn't it?

It adds up to a grand total of 2.5 hours of intense exercise...per week. 2x 45 minute FIRE sessions and 2x 30 minute ICE sessions.

No doubt you've known people who do 2.5 hours of exercise per day! For the vast majority of people less is more and Rob is no exception to that rule.

Sure, Rob is in his late 40s but that doesn't mean he can't perform. Rob is stronger, fitter and faster than ever but at 47 an emphasis has to be placed on recovery so when he does train he performs at his best every time.So with his training routine in place, that's 3% of his week covered.

What about the other 97%?

Rob is currently on his 2nd MP Nutrition program with another one to wrap the year up before his photo shoot in November.

Sure, everyone likes to say "It's all about the food", but I'll let you in on a little secret - nutrition is never about the food.

The true key to success with nutrition, and transformation in general? Your habits. How willing are you to take those bad habits that have led you to your unhappiness and turn them into the good habits you will need to turn things around?

In the case of Rob, that willingness and drive is there. Slowly but surely as he's learning, adjusting and growing. Knocking off each bad habit one at a time and replacing them with good ones.

Without this gradual progression from bad habits to good, the results he's enjoyed so far to date are impossible.

One thing you've no doubt noticed is that we've planned Rob's transformation out over the course of at least 12 months.

That's right, 12 months.

Unfortunately the weight-loss industry makes a lot of money promoting quick-fixes, unsustainable training routines and ridiculous diets that do more harm than good to people's minds and metabolisms.

It's not something most people want to hear, but the blunt truth of the matter is that real transformations, ones that involve improving someone's body shape, feel and function takes time and effort.

No one undoes years of bad habits and self-abuse in a few months, as I've learned myself.

To Rob's credit he's committed to himself and this process long-term and is setting himself up to be rewarded for the rest of his life with a body and health he can not only be proud of, but he'll keep.

Stay tuned for more updates on this superstar as we get closer to his photo shoot and induction on the Total Transformations Wall of Fame!

Until next time :)


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