How to be in the best shape of your life as a mum in your 40s

Courtney Ley

Imagine you're a mum in your 40s - chances are many of you reading this can easily do that.

Now imagine you've owned a pair of jeans since you were in your very early 30s and they haven't fit you for at least a good decade - you never thought the muffin top was a good look personally.

Now add to that you have a chronic shoulder condition that limits your movements in the gym, as well as an ankle complaint that flares up from time to time.

Too old, too 'mum', too injured, right?

Well, now I want you to imagine that you're a 43 year old mother who overcame those hurdles and now your favourite pair of jeans fit you better than they ever have before.

How would you feel?

Margo Kuypers can tell you how she feels, as she's the mother in question.

Margo joined our cool community at the end of 2015. Deep down inside she wanted a body she could proudly show off by the pool, at the beach or just out with friends and family...with confidence, energy and independence.

We had some hurdles - the shoulder condition, the ankle, the bad habits that had led to the muffin top that just wouldn't squeeze its way into those jeans.

Margo's shoulder condition initially prevented her from joining our group fitness classes, but they didn't stop her from catching on F.I.R.E!

We started Margo on a modified F.I.R.E program (no pushing exercises) that would help her towards her physical goals whilst rehabilitating and strengthening her shoulder.

Slowly over time we also helped her program new, positive habits via our nutrition education program.

To her endless credit she stuck with it, trusted us and the process.

Now? She can do every exercise we ask of her including full-body pushups and bench presses and is a regular member of our group fitness classes!

Even better? She looks and feels amazing and is on track for her bikini photo shoot on November 19th!

But....the very best part of it all?

I'll let Margo explain...

"The 'after' photos speak for themselves, but more importantly is the sense of accomplishment & confidence I now have.

I have a new found freedom when I go shopping. I'm now trying on fitted clothes & not the baggy tops & dresses I use to. It's an amazing feeling to actually like what you see in a change room instead of thinking 'well this will have to do'"

Nothing to do with weight lost, or a level of fitness that you're a failure for not's a feeling.

That's what a real transformation is - changing not just your body, but your mind, your confidence and your overall life. Being able to to enjoy the freedom to do the things you love without second-guessing yourself or questioning what you do.

Well done Margo, bring on the photo shoot! :)

Speak soon


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