How do I structure my week?...I'll show you

Courtney Ley

How do you structure your week?

I get asked a lot how I structure mine, and fit in all my exercise, food prep and work.

I’m not going to lie – some weeks are easier than others.

I can’t speak for everyone. I can only explain what I do to schedule my weeks and give you tips on how to work out the best way to schedule yours.

When it comes to exercise – which I’m told by many, is the area they struggle with the most – I know how much I have to do that week. I know how many weights sessions, how many high intensity cardio and how many low intensity cardio sessions I need to do that given week.

I have a fair idea which days of the week I want to complete, each one of these sessions.

I wrote last week about my food prep, so we all know now I do this on Sunday’s. Every Monday I do a weights session. This is every Sunday and Monday.

Perfect – 2 days out of the week are done without even thinking.

Now, from here is where my week can slightly differ. I have to adjust week to week sometimes depending on the work I have on.

But it’s every Monday I work this out.

I decide if tomorrow will be another weights session or a walk. Once I have decided that I know what I’m doing on Wednesday.

I go through the week in my head like this – day by day. Looking at my diary and working out what fit best.

Usually it works out to be the same. I may switch my usual Tuesday to Wednesday for example, but that’s it. The best schedule for me is usually what I did last week.

I write my schedule down for the rest of the week and then it’s set.

Of course, sometimes surprises happen. Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you planned. This sometimes happens to me too.

So, what to do if this happens to you?

Well, this is tip number 1;

  1. DON’T PANIC – sometimes shit happens. If you look at your upcoming week and you know, it’s not going to be the same as last week – fine, change it. If you get a surprise during your week and you know you must change you schedule – ok, change it!
  2. Consistency is best – I know what you’re thinking. “She just said that I could change it and now she’s saying I need to be consistent”. Consistency should always be the number one priority. Having consistency will allow you to form this structure as a habit. A great habit which will stay with you long after you reach your goal. Yes, absolutely change your schedule to fit it all in to your week if needed, but don’t get in to the habit of changing it for the sake of changing it. Work, kids, emergencies these are things to change your schedule for. Don’t get in to the habit of changing your structure for preventable things, because once you start it will become a bad habit. A bad habit of putting yourself and your goals second.
  3. Write it down – You can write it down on paper and put it on your fridge, in your digital diary (phone/computer) or in your paper diary etc. Just write it down!!! It will hold you more accountable if it’s staring you in the face. Tick them off as you complete each exercise and food prep. You’ll feel amazing at the end of the week and you see all ticks 😊
  4. Stay accountable to any structured personal training classes you attend – These are set. Same time same place each week. If you attend these, you can add these to your schedule first and plan around them. They are the easiest to add first as they don’t change.

I hope these tips help in designing your own weekly schedule. If you have any tips that you use and I’ve missed, please let me know by sending me an email or message on Facebook.

Happy planning 😊


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