Feeling unmotivated from lack of change? Read this!

Courtney Ley

Meet Samantha.

She's not your usual 24-year-old.

She's married with a beautiful young son and runs a successful business in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

Like most people, Sam was wanting to get herself turned around as fast as possible. Hey, we're only human and we all want it now!

Sadly the truth of the matter is that losing weight, changing your body shape and improving your health takes work. And time.

Lots of both, in fact.

Sam has been working hard both in and out of the gym, making small improvements along the way - getting stronger with her weights, consistently making her cardio sessions and slowly INCREASING her food intake.

Often we're so obsessed with losing the weight, so caught up in the numbers and zeroed in on what ISN'T happening as far as we'd like that we overlook what IS happening.

In Sam's case she is clearly changing and it has started with her face and her skin. Check this out!

This kind of change doesn't happen by accident - hard training and good eating pays off over time, but that payoff is gradual and starts with "small" things - like this.

If you're struggling with motivation because you don't believe you're changing - check out the small things!

Is your skin quality improving?

Are you sleeping better at night?

Do you have more energy?

Are you getting stronger in the gym?

Are your clothes starting to fit a little differently? Maybe getting loose?

These things aren't an accident.

If small things are improving, give yourself some credit! You've started changing and it's only the beginning :)

Until next time :)


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