Every mum who thinks she can't should read this...

Courtney Ley

48 years of age.

A full-time veterinary nurse.

A mother of three beautiful young children, two of whom are autistic.

A chronic back condition that severely limits her training.

Decades of emotional eating and dieting.

Combinations of under-exercise and over-exercise.

Tracey could probably be forgiven for giving up by now.

5 ready-made excuses, but she's used none of them.

Tracey joined us looking to turn things around. Like all of us, she was impatient. She wanted her results now as we all do.

Unfortunately, decades of dieting and binge-eating comes at a price; it won't change in 12 weeks. In-fact for most people they'll need at least a solid 12 months before someone different is looking back at them in the mirror.

For some people, even longer than that.

For the past 2 years Tracey has had her ups and downs, but no transformation is ever perfect. There are challenges, doubts and tears...but with a pinch of commitment you can absolutely change your life.

To her credit, Tracey has trusted in the process and committed her very best effort and now it's paying off.

2x FIRE (focused, intense resistance exercise) sessions per week, regular less-intense activity and a commitment to improving her cornerstone habits away from the gym and you get something like this.

You read that correctly - around 2 hours per week of intense exercise...tops.

Not much, is it?

Many people are nailing 2 hours of exercise per day and are wondering why nothing is changing.

This inspirational mum is getting more from doing less.

Until next time :)


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