Drowning in quick-fixes? Here's how to fix that!

Courtney Ley

“I've literally tried every kind of fad you can think of.

Lemon detox, cabbage diet, soup diet, no carb diet, nutritional cleansing, 5:2 diet, weight loss pills…I even tried two types of illegal pills I bought overseas!

I've starved myself, you name it I've tried it and NONE of them are sustainable let alone safe or a healthy way to live”

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance to can relate to some, if not a lot, of the above.

I know I can.

Yet it wasn’t me who said this, it was Zoe Reed, a 24-year old mother who is one of the many awesome members of my gym.

The unfortunate truth is that this is as much a reflection on the weight-loss industry in general as it is the experiences of one young woman.

Have you known many women who have been caught in this diet cycle for a long time? Perhaps you’ve been one of them?

Well I’ve got good news for you – you’re not alone.

Zoe came to us at Total Transformations after years of feeling bad about herself.

I was sick of the way I felt about myself”, she said “I was sick of not wanting to go out because I felt like I never looked good, I hadn't worn shorts in years because I felt like I was too fat to show my legs”

She continued, “Sometimes I wasn't eating well or eating enough, other times I was binge eating…but I knew I had to change something because I wasn't happy to live my life like that”

I’ve got more good news for you serial-dieters out there – there’s also a way out, you’re not stuck there forever.

As Zoe explained to me, I don't know specifically a time that I've felt a light-bulb moment or anything, I've gradually been seeking out healthier food options and ways to exercise”

“I'm actually for the first time in my life enjoying exercising, I'm CHOOSING to eat a bowl of veggies and meat instead of junk. I just keep making better choices lately without realising!”

And now Zoe is starting to go through that mental change we all must make before the physical changes start to show themselves.

She’s slowly changing her habits. Turning bad habits into good habits.

This isn’t something you can do overnight, for some people it can take months if not years…but for it to work there has to be a sustained effort before any sort of reward.

Speaking of reward, she’s already starting to get just that…

“I've noticed a lot of clothes are loose! I can feel my waist is smaller and I just look and feel different in my clothes. I even own shorts now and feel okay wearing them!”

“I remind myself that one bad meal isn't going to change me just like one good meal isn't going to change me”

In addition to making small, positive changes to her routine, Zoe also has additional motivation – her daughter Madison who she’s making sure to include in her daily routine to set the right example.

“Right now I'm still taking it day by day because that seems to be working for me. I'm just planning ahead with my food and exercise, making sure I'm active and including my daughter and making sure I have nutritious foods every day”

She’s also making sure to keep a balance and not try and all-or-nothing approach!

“I’m not beating myself up if I do feel like a treat here and there”

What she said next shows wisdom beyond her years. “I'm actually for once in my life enjoying the process and the journey!”

With that attitude and approach, Zoe is well on her way to changing her body, her health, her mind and her life.

All of us at TT are proud of you and what you’ve done so far Zoe! You’re a great role model for Madison and we can’t wait to see where you go from here!

Court :)

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