Don't let your fear of failure stop you

Courtney Ley

You know there are hundreds of girls out there just like you!

Watching others do whatever it takes to reach their weight loss goals.

These women know where they want to be and strive towards that every day, letting no one stand in their way.

You see these girls pop up in your news feed and you’re happy for them. Your Instagram is full of motivational quotes and pictures of beautiful people working out. They talk about pushing themselves harder than ever and lifting a new personal best in the gym.

‘I couldn’t do that but good on them’, you say to yourself.

Why could this not be you?

Because you’re afraid to try!

 You’re afraid of failure.

You’re afraid of the comments your family and friends will make – ‘why are you doing that?’, ‘how much money are you spending?’ or ‘are you sure you’ll stick to this?’

You’re afraid you will quit.

You’re afraid nothing will change.

You’re afraid you’re being selfish…it will take up so much time and effort.

Does this sound familiar?

Well let’s think about this. Maybe you’re right.

Maybe you’re not ready. Maybe that dream body you desire is supposed to stay just that, a dream!

Maybe you were just born this way.

So where to now?

You have quit before you’ve even started! Before you’ve given yourself a chance to succeed!

Be honest.

You push this dream in to the back of your mind and block it out. You convince yourself you’re happy the way you are.

Sinking back in to your day-to-day life, going through the motions.


Are we waiting for someone to tell us we won’t fail, before we allow ourselves to start?

Are we waiting for someone to tell us it’s a good idea, go for it?

This should never happen!

If you’re dreaming of a body that is not the one you currently have – go and get it!

Don’t let fear hold you back.

‘Well it’s easy for you to say that’, is what you’re probably thinking.

Easy – NO.

I’ve been there. All the fears listed above I have been there. However when you hit that point – the very bottom – where nothing in your life means as much to you as your dream body. No other dream of yours matters nearly as much and you will fight anyone for it.

That is when you let go of fear.

You embrace it. It’s never an easy ride, or a quick one. But once you leave your fears behind, you will tackle any hurdle head on.

Because fear cannot hold you back!

Until next time :)


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