7 ways to know you've got a great PT!

Courtney Ley

So, you recently had your “snap point”. That moment where you decide enough is enough, you’re not going to stay the way you are any longer.

Inspired and motivated, you take the plunge - join your local gym, and even start working with a PT!

You turn up to your first session fresh, excited and maybe a little nervous.

By the end of the session you have left the gym sore, sorry and maybe a little lighter in the stomach after having lost your lunch!

That was the hardest thing you have ever done physically in your life, and the next day you wake up so sore that you are more angry and distressed than anything else.

All of a sudden, the excitement of your intended lifestyle change has been replaced by pain and a reluctance to return.

Let's be clear about this -the world certainly isn’t suffering from a shortage of PT’s.

It’s honestly not that hard for anyone in to obtain the qualifications necessary; within a month you too could be working in a gym or out of your home, making money out of people's pain and suffering.

Let us also be clear about something else - not all Personal Trainers are created equally.

The divide between your run-of-the-mill Certificate III and IV in Fitness and a true Body Transformation Specialist is huge.

So how does your average gym goer, or even a person looking to make an inspired transformation know what to look for when engaging the services of a PT?

For the most part they can be an expensive investment; however, if you know what you are looking for then the investment will pay dividends you never dreamed possible.

Here are 7 ways to know you’ve got a great PT!

1. Experience

It doesn't hurt to see and know your PT's accomplishments.

Do they look like a PT? Have they walked the walk and gone through their own transformation? What about client results?

If your PT hasn't changed themselves or anyone else, that's usually a warning sign...

2. The Guarantee

How confident are they that together you will achieve your goals?

Can they look you in the eye and tell you that if you follow their direction, the money, sweat and effort will pay off?

Money and most of all time is precious. You can't afford to spend either on guesswork.

It takes a Trainer with real confidence in themselves and their service to tell you honestly that working with them will get you the outcome you want.

Generally a guarantee will follow previous results, so look there first.

3. They're not afraid to say no

A PT who tells you they can help anyone/everyone isn't being honest with you.

We can't help anyone and everyone. The best trainers out there know their ideal client. They know who they want to work with

They know who they want to help and they also know who they can't help.

I'll use myself as an example. I've gone from a size 18 to a bikini photo shoot. I've spent most of my life as an overweight woman struggling with confidence and battling emotional eating.

Does that sound like I could help you prepare to run a marathon? Absolutely not! Haven't done it, no interest in doing it.

If someone came to me wanting to be trained for a marathon, I'd much rather refer them on to colleagues who specialise in that!

The best PTs out there aren't afraid to say no.

4. They sell you more than just workouts

Look, I'll be honest here; anyone can give you a workout.

Your next door neighbour could probably put you through one.

A true Transformation Specialist gives you more bang for your buck than a mere workout.

Extras should include things such as a legitimate nutritional component that involves education, support and accountability.

Training is only 3% of your week when structured correctly - is your Trainer ensuring you're ready for the other 97%?

You should also be learning from the experience - why you're doing what you're doing, why you're eating what you eat. Are you exercising correctly based on your goals?

5. Each workout is structured and recorded

If you rock up for a session ready to go and your PT decides on the spot that you might today use the leg press, a shoulder press machine, maybe some bicep curls etc., then you have to ask why.

A top-tier Specialist should know what you are doing well before you arrive, and most of all, should be able to tell you why you are doing it.

If your PT hasn't prepared a full program for you, chances are they are guessing their way through it and are hoping for the best.

This is not what you are paying for!

Logging the results of each exercise of each workout is essential for anyone looking to make serious gains. How do you know what you are doing this week if you can't remember what you did last week?

Your PT should have all this written down so you can pick up exactly where you left off.

There is a strong chance you aren't the only person they have trained this week.

How can they remember off the top of their head what 10/20/30 people have trained through the week?

6. You get what you pay for

A PT who knows they can deliver isn't afraid to charge at a decent rate.

If you attempt to haggle with a trainer and they lower their price, this tells you how much confidence they have in both themselves and their product...not much.

On the flip side, a high-end trainer is not afraid to turn business away if a potential client is stuck on price; people who are prepared to pay good money for guaranteed results stand a much better chance of getting them as they are financially accountable for their investment.

You really DO get what you pay for! The very best PTs out there will give you an outcome for your investment.

People don't buy 6 inch drill bits, they buy 6 inch holes. Think about it ;)

7. You have rapport and trust

Arguably the most important part. You are going to be spending multiple hours per week with this person over the course of three, six, nine or more months.

It helps that you have a good rapport, and above all else, trust that the person you are working with will help you get where you want to go.

There is no doubt that engaging the services of a high-end Trainer will reap rewards you did not think were possible, and truly change your life. Hopefully these small tips will help you sort out the extraordinary from the ordinary!

Don't settle for less. You're worth it. :)

Speak soon


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