Megan Thomas

Meet The Trainer

Megan Thomas
"Despite what you may have thought, PCOS doesn't need to rule your life or your body"


  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • Level 1: Metabolic Precision Nutritionist
  • Level 2: Metabolic Precision Body Transformation Specialist
  • Level 3: Metabolic Precision Athletic Conditioning Specialist
  • ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist

Matt and Courtney have been working with Megs for years. She's a named authority when it comes to understanding PCOS and how to get results with weight loss whilst simultaneously addressing chronic conditions long term. The ultimate TEAM really does exist!

Megs says:

“I was convinced that my PCOS was going to ruin my life and I was destined to battle against the torments of my body. I was always dieting myself to avoid gaining more weight and ended up with a seriously damaged relationship with food. I thought I’d tried everything and nothing worked.

I stopped wasting time on diets, exhausting myself at the gym and buying into the Doctors telling me I’d never get past the endless hormonal disaster that I was.

I’ve repaired my insulin resistance, my sweet cravings aren't around anymore, my cycle is regulated (and I’m ovulating). I no longer have a fear of eating and my body feels and looks better in my 30’s than it did in my 20’s!

I’m addicted to helping women who are experiencing the same hell I once lived and give them the health and body they’re capable of achieving too”