Work with a PCOS Transformation Specialist

Control your PCOS & have the health & body you know you can achieve for the rest of your life with a professional who knows how to help you the right way!

Your fully structured personalised training & nutrition education program with ongoing support and guidance. My mission is to help you change your life…if you’re ready.

I will show you exactly how and where to start and take it step-by-step so you can build positive habits that will serve you for a lifetime.

Work with me one on one to understand and address your PCOS struggles so you can become your own healer.

I will teach you how to train safely and effectively no matter where you are; no more gym intimidation or confusion.

Old injuries & chronic PCOS complications? Your nutrition and exercise guidance will be tailored to your goals, needs, experience and abilities.

Time? All you need is a small handful of hours per week.

You don’t have to follow a diet.

You don’t have to count calories.

I’ve done it myself and so can you. I’ve started where you are right now.

My Premium Online Transformation Program is for women who are serious about changing their life and not being a victim of their PCOS.


Megan Thomas - PCOS Specialist and Head Coach

Matt and Courtney have been working with Megs behind the scenes for years.

She’s a named authority when it comes to understanding PCOS and how to get results with weight loss whilst simultaneously addressing chronic conditions long term. The ultimate TEAM really does exist!

“I was convinced that my PCOS was going to ruin my life and I was destined to battle against the torments of my body. I was always dieting myself to avoid gaining more weight and ended up with a seriously damaged relationship with food. I thought I’d tried everything and nothing worked.

I stopped wasting time on diets, exhausting myself at the gym and buying into the Doctors telling me I’d never get past the endless hormonal disaster that I was.

I’ve repaired my insulin resistance, my sweet cravings aren’t around anymore, my cycle is regulated (and I’m ovulating). I no longer have a fear of eating and my body feels and looks better in my 30’s than it did in my 20’s!

I’m addicted to helping women who are experiencing the same hell I once lived and give them the health and body they’re capable of achieving too”

Matt Wolfs - Head Coach

“All I knew for the first 30 years of my life was being trapped in an obese body, hating everything about myself and medicating myself with food and alcohol.

I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes before something snapped
I stopped waiting for someone else to do it for me, stopped buying into my own excuses, got the help I wanted and turned my life around.
I’ve lost 80kg, 6 clothes sizes and have reversed Type-2 Diabetes. My mission is to help people like you change your life the way I’ve changed mine”

Courtney Ley - Assistant Coach

“I’ve been fat for most of my life. Growing up I’d always been the “big girl” in my group and was treated that way.

Deep down inside I wanted to feel beautiful…attractive. I always dreamed of looking good in a bikini, but I thought it was never for me. I’d always be “the big girl”.

I’d been a member at a local gym for years walking on the treadmill a few times each week going nowhere. I was really unhappy wasting my time and my money.

I got the help I needed and wanted. It’s been a frustrating, challenging, painful and tearful journey but it’s been worth every second. I sat around for years wishing it would happen but nothing did until I got off my butt and did something about it. I’ve lost 25kg, dropped 4 dress sizes and want to help others change their life the way I’ve changed mine”

Andrea Schilf - Assistant Coach

“I’ve struggled with my self-confidence and body image for as long as I can remember – all I ever wanted was to feel comfortable in my own skin”.

I used to hide behind big baggy t-shirts and shorts when going swimming, and never felt comfortable in front of my partner. I used to think “just eat less and exercise more”, and I would get to where I wanted to be – But it sadly it didn’t turn out that way, and instead I just felt exhausted and frustrated with a body shape I hated.
That was until I learnt how to get the body I wanted – but most of all keep it.
Now being a mother and on the other side of 40, I have been able to to lose all my baby weight, sustain and improve my body image on only a handful of hours a week and I want to help other busy women achieve this too!!”



“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t on a diet or at least ‘watching what I eat’. I was always trying to keep myself in shape despite my mummy tum being the hardest place to target no matter what I did

It got to the point where I was always hungry, tired and not able to give my best to my family. I was forever disappointed with myself for putting in lots of effort, but not really knowing how to escape the diet life while having a body I truly wanted.

Megs broke me down and addressed all my old food habits and showed me how to improve without changing too much of myself that it was unsustainable. I was skeptical at first because she encouraged me to eat more and I didn’t want to put on any weight!

The second scary thing she said was “let’s cut back on your workouts and start exercising for results” I was somewhat relieved to be eating more and exercising less but nonetheless fearful of undoing years and years of ‘dieting hard work’.

This girl knows how to break your old habits that are holding you back and how to empower you with real life skills so you can have confidence in living a normal life without food, or living at the gym.

It took a lot for me to trust Megs, her guidance and go all in but I’m so proud of myself for getting this far already!


“Over time working with Megs, I’ve learned that she cares and has your health and well being at heart.

I have PCOS and a poor thyroid, I also had high blood pressure and a plethora of other ailments from carrying this much weight.

As I kept changing my confidence was growing and best of all my anxiety struggles were becoming less and less frequent! It’s a rare thing for me to have an anxiety attack now and I know I can put myself back in control by following the basics Megs supports me to do.

Getting stronger has helped me, my blood pressure is normal and I’m coming of my medication as I go along. I even bought my first set of tank top swimmers when I noticed how much I was changing in the mirror, which is something I’ve never done!

Megs knows how to help set you up for lifetime results in so many more ways than weight loss class.

This whole journey is so rewarding”


"After years of dieting and getting the body I wanted only to stack the weight back on, I knew the diets weren’t working out because I was on a vicious cycle losing the same weight each year.

I have coeliac disease and a family history of thyroid problems and chronic conditions. I knew something needed to change so I didn’t fall into the same health trap and hating myself. Deep down I was lost.

I’d always been a sweet tooth needing to satisfy my cravings after every meal and snack all day. I thought this was just a ‘me thing’ and I wouldn’t escape it. After a few months of working with Megs I found this really dropped off and I wasn’t fighting the emotional battles with food as much. It felt like it happened without even trying!

Even after a short time since working with Megs my bloating has subsided and I feel in control. To my surprise, I’m also losing weight around my middle section which has always been the hardest for me!

I’m so glad I’ve found the right way to do this!


“I started working with Matt and Courtney around 18 months ago. Since then I’ve lost around 100kg and have got back to doing something I love, which is working with and riding horses.

I would totally recommend them to anyone starting in my situation. I started at 180kg and had a lot to lose.

They helped me learn how to do it slowly and safely. I’d totally recommend them for anyone else who wants to get to a point where they’re healthy, happy and being the person they really want to be!”


I had a hip reconstruction and after completing my rehab with a Physiotherapist I wanted to get back to the 2 times a week cardio gym classes I’d been doing before my hip pain became too much.

My physio explained that I really needed to build up some muscles around my joints to support them and help prevent further issues.

I was referred to Matt by my Physio as someone trustworthy to work around all my long term injuries (limited ankle mobility due to breaking it previously, hip reco, 2 shoulder dislocations, 2 bulging discs in my lower back, and others!).

Initially I just wanted to get stronger to support my joints, but Matt inspired me from our very first chat and hit me with some big questions about what I wanted out of life.

He made me start to think about what was really holding me back, which was my self esteem and confidence about my body.

I was in my mid 40’s and not only thought my best body days were years gone, but also that life was just going to get slower from here on due to my injuries holding me back. I’m an ageing mum and that’s just the way it’s supposed to be!

But the big question for me was “What would it feel like to be in the best shape of your life?”

1 year on and I was posing in front of a photographer wearing a bikini and officially in the best shape of my life!”

If you’ve struggled with your weight & condition for as long as you can remember & you feel like you’ve tried everything, it’s time to work with someone who’s walked the same path as you & does it a little differently

Permanent, sustainable and healthy weight loss. No diets, no gimmicks. A long-term approach for long-term solutions.

For a fraction of the cost of a Personal Trainer, you too can have access to the methods used to lose the fat & control your condition for good, the same successful approach adopted by countless women.

It hasn’t been easy but I’m proud to say I’ve kept my results & are looking to help someone just like you change your life.

If you are accepted into my premium coaching program, you’re given the hands-on & personalised guidance that’s been proven to work for real people just like you from all walks of life.

Let me help you lose the weight & never find it again. Let me help you understand your body, how it works & what to do to function like a woman should. No more diets that make you hate life, no more wasted gym memberships, no more up-&-down battles with motivation, no more stop-start attempts & going around in circles.

If your application to join my team is successful, I promise you that I will:

  • Design a training program that suits your busy schedule

  • Design a training program for your needs, regardless of injury or limitations

  • Teach you how to become your own Personal Trainer so you can train in any gym in the world at any time, knowing exactly what you’re doing, how to do it & why

  • Educate you to understand your body, your struggles & why it’s happening without confusing you with medical jargon that makes no sense

  • Help you understand your hormones, your cycle, your symptoms and what lifestyle strategies improve them without taking medication

  • Show you where you should start and what to focus on at the right times to see the biggest benefits

  • Educate and empower you to make food choices that you enjoy, can sustain & will help you lose weight without making your PCOS worse

  • Help you take the bad habits that have undermined your progress for years, & turn them into positive, healthy habits that keep you moving forward & serve you forever

  • Surround you with a support network of people just like you on their own journey to keep you engaged & motivated

  • Be there every step of the way to answer your questions & support you

How it Works:

Your program is comprehensive, holistic, science-based and tailored for you regardless of your experience level.

An initial video consultation to allow me to assist you in identifying any potential limiting factors outside of your training as well as set short and mid-term goals for you to aim for.

A personalised training program that evolves with you, with tutorial videos, based on your schedule and limitations.

Together we build a weekly meal plan based on your requirements to maximise your results.

No silly PDF files or spreadsheets to follow, you get REAL week to week live coaching and feedback.

Access to a private Facebook group for extra motivation, support and learning.

This program is guaranteed to help you create your best body shape!

You must be willing to work for it – success is earned


Access to our recipe packs, with over 250 delicious, nutritious and healthy recipes to choose from, with many of them being plant-based!

Absolutely no diet food here.

Asian Noodles with Chicken and Rice

Asian Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables Recipe

Power Salad

Power Salad Recipe

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

About Megan

Host of The PCOS Podcast & listened to by women worldwide, Megan went through all types of hell & struggles only Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome can deliver. She suffered through years of money wasted on medical appointments, medications, supplements, diets and programs in various unsuccessful attempts to deal with her PCOS while trying to improve her health & looking/feeling her very best.

At her lowest point, she was showing 40-46 polycystic cysts, out dieted herself & was gaining weight, anxiety, insulin resistance & cravings were controlling her life whilst spending tens of thousands of dollars only to feel & look worse. These days as a specialist coach to women who suffer with PCOS & other chronic conditions, she now has 9 cysts showing no signs of polycystic trends & is in the best shape of her life.

“I’ve dedicated many many years to learning about PCOS to help myself, & now to help other women out there who struggle with this condition & their weight loss attempts. You don’t turn this around by working out hour after hour, or starving yourself through boring diets that are simply not enjoyable or sustainable.

There’s a better way to do things”

About Matt and Courtney

Between them, Matt and Courtney have lost 105kg/231lbs, dropped a combined 10 clothes sizes and reversed Type-2 Diabetes.

This husband and wife duo work together to help people just like you win the war against unwanted weight once and for all. They believe in leading by example and only wish to work with people who they can personally relate to as you must walk a mile in a person’s shoes before you can really understand them.

Matt and Courtney co-host The Weight Loss Podcast, a podcast downloaded in over 60 countries worldwide and listened to by hundreds of thousands of people globally.

“Having gone through this journey ourselves, we understand exactly what our clients will go through on the path to their own transformation.

We’ve been in the health and fitness industry a combined 16 years helping others achieve their goals. Our approach is holistic, realistic, flexible and sustainable. No need for diets, counting calories or marathon workouts.

Transforming your body and your life should be a fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable journey not an endless slog where you feel like you have to live in the gym and be 100% strict on yourself to get a result. You don’t – we’ve done it, you can too”

About Andy

Host of The MILFF Podcast (Mums intent on living fit ‘n fabulous), Andy is one of the busiest women you’ll ever meet; mother, wife, business owner, coach, podcaster.

Having just recently given birth to her 2nd beautiful child at the age of 42, Andy’s mission is to help as many mum’s as she can to help get them into the best shape of their lives without having to use exercise like a badge of honour or eating like a sparrow.

“This industry leads you to believe that you must do more and more, and eat less to get the results you want, which for some (especially mum’s), can lead to a lot of anxiety and stress because often this isn’t possible or even desirable.

Having gone through this process now myself twice of getting my pre-baby body back, I feel I can relate to the common and daily struggles mum’s face, and guide them in a strategic and manageable way that will have them not only looking their best, but also feeling their absolute best as well.

I think as a woman first and a mum second, it’s important for us to be able feel healthy, confident, sexy and strong so that we can show up day in, day out and feel as though we can handle whatever is thrown at us. I want women to feel unstoppable – and that all starts with learning to love yourself again and regaining your confidence and body back through a healthy and sustainable approach.”

Apply now and join the team to:

  • Eat lots of yummy food
  • Exercise for only a handful of hours per week.
  • Create your own blueprint for success.
  • Get the results you deserve – and know how to keep them!
  • Get more support & motivation.
  • Create a tailored plan for your lifestyle.
  • Learn the tools to make it a lifestyle for the whole family.
  • Get a result you can keep.

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