I dont want to exercise

Courtney Ley

Sometimes you really can’t be bothered.

You all know I don’t enjoy exercise. I’ve spoken and written about it before several times, so it’s no secret.

But, some days it is extra hard.

It feels so hard to get up and get off my butt to exercise. There are days I want to skip it. I sit and think of every excuse under the sun, not to go.

I don’t feel my best today.

I’m tired.

I just don’t have the time.

I’ll make it up tomorrow.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Yes, I think them too sometimes. It’s not easy.

I always say – if it was easy, we would have don’t it a long time ago. The same could be said for – if it was easy, everyone would do it.

You’re not alone if you think these excuses. You are not alone if you struggle with motivation sometimes. I do and many others do too.

Never feel that you are alone!!

Motivation will come and go. But it’s your dedication to achieve your goals – that is what is consistent.

My biggest tip to help with this, if it has become a problem for you;

Have support around you who understands. Being able to rely on your support team to understand and to encourage you to move forward. Also, to not judge you.

This can make a huge different when dealing with this.

You may say to me – “But, I don’t have a support team.”

My answer is - get one!

It may be the person you live with. It may be your friends or training buddy. It could be your trainer. It may be only one person – but that one person’s support can feel like you have an entire team, when you’re feeling down.

Having support somewhere will help you in those moments you want to say – “It’s all too hard”.

But most importantly remember – you are not the only one who goes through this. You will also not the last.

And my final piece of advice is;

Focus on your dedication – Not your motivation.

Motivation will not help you in these times. Dedication to achieve your goals will. 


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